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Tuxedo Cat Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure (Chase Version)

Tuxedo Cat Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure (Chase Version)

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Tuxedo Cat Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure (Chase Version)

In Ancient Egypt, felines were worshipped like gods and goddesses.

Cats were mummified like royalty and represented in artwork, hieroglyphics and statues because they were believed to possess divine energy. While this should give all cats an ego boost, it’s even more applicable to tuxedo cats. Nearly 70% of the felines depicted in Ancient Egyptian tombs and artwork were tuxedo cats.

Every tuxedo cat will have their own unique personality, especially since breeds can vary. However, tuxedo cats are known to possess a few distinct traits.

  • Friendly and outgoing
  • Talkative
  • Active and playful
  • Loyal and dog-like
  • Relaxed
  • Extremely intelligent

 Take your Minecraft Kitty home today!

(Please note chase version Pop! Vinyl, Collectors please note: item may have minor marks to retail packaging, please see all the photos for the actual instock item and images)

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