Toy Story - Chuckles Pop! Vinyl Figure (2019 Summer Convention Exclusive)

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Toy Story 3 - Chuckles Pop! Vinyl Figure (2019 Summer Convention Exclusive)

With the freezing temperatures of the Australian Winter in full force, it’s time to turn up the heat with Funko’s incredible new range of 2019 Summer Convention Exclusives!

"You've got a friend in me.."

Toy Story is one of the most beloved Disney film franchises of all time, which was actually the first ever full-length CGI film.

The franchise follows the adventures of a group of toys that belong to a boy named Andy, who come to life when humans aren’t around and manage to regularly find themselves in sticky situations.

Here we have Chuckles the Clown, who first appeared in Toy Story 3. He was accidentally left behind at a park by his former owner Daisy, resulting in him losing his smile. You can’t blame him, I mean would you smile if you thought you’d been abandoned? Help him turn that frown upside down by adding him to your Funko collection today.