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Something Wild Card Game Disney The Little Mermaid

Something Wild Card Game Disney The Little Mermaid

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Gathering around the table as a family and playing a board game together is a great way to create lasting memories, so what better way to join the board/card game resurgence than with Funko's exciting new range of Disney "Something Wild" Card Games?!

Each card game features beloved Disney characters and comes with a collectible Disney Pocket Pop! Figure.

The aim of "Something Wild" is to play numbered and coloued character cards to make sets and runs. Score a set to snag the character figure’s special power that helps you win! The first player to score three powers wins the game.

What makes "Something Wild" even more incredible is that, much like the Funkoverse series, each game can be combined  to add more character cards, more Pop! figures and more powers to your game!

This set is based on The Little Mermaid, featuring character cards based on those from the film and comes with a Ariel Pocket Pop! Figure Game Piece.

Guaranteed hours of fun for the whole family,

Order yours now!

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