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Loungefly x Elf - Buddy Cosplay Velvet Mini Backpack

Loungefly x Elf - Buddy Cosplay Velvet Mini Backpack

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The hilarious film Elf tells the tale of Buddy, a human raised by Santa's elves. After learning about his unique difference, he travels to New York City in an attempt to meet his biological father. Along the way he tries to spread his Christmas cheer and laughter, even when unwarranted!

This mini Backpack features Buddy's elf costume, reimagined as a fashionable backpack. The unique Velvet backpack is decorated from top to bottom with elf-like style, including the tastefully embroidered patterns running underneath the belt buckle. It includes an enamel elf hat zipper pull, Velvet style material, metal buckle, a printed interior lining, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Grab it today and get yourself ready for the Christmas season!

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