Gremlins - Gizmo as Gremlin Pop! Vinyl Figure & Pop! Tee Collectors Box Set

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 Gremlins - Gizmo as Gremlin Pop! Vinyl Figure & Tee Box Set

"There are three rules!"

Set in the small town of Kingston Falls, struggling inventor Randall Peltzer surprises his son Billy with a very special Christmas gift that he found after a visit to Chinatown.

Gizmo, an adorable, loveable Mogwai who just wants a loving home. However things change for the worse when Billy accidentally spills some water on Gizmo, unleashing the Gremlins!

It's no secret, Gizmo is absolutely adorable, however have you ever wondered what would happen if he too became a Gremlin? Well now you can courtesy of Funko's newest Gremlins Pop!, featuring the little Mogwai transformed into a terrifying Gremlin, except he still looks cute!.


- 1 x Gizmo as Gremlin Pop! Vinyl Figure
- 1 x Gizmo as Gremlin Pop! T-Shirt

An absolute must for a Gremlins fan.

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