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Fortnite - Raven Premium 11” Action Figure

Fortnite - Raven Premium 11” Action Figure

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Fortnite - Raven Premium 11” Action Figure

Prepare to Save the World with the ever ominous Raven, dressed in his Nevermore outfit and wielding his brutal Legendary Scar Assault Rifle to strike fear into the hearts of the enemies.

Little is known about the shadowy figure called Raven, other than the fact that he is a man of few words who may or may not be a demon, and that he is loyal only to himself. Thankfully, he is fond of mowing down hordes of husks to defend Homebase, so even if he isn’t a reliable ally, it’s certainly better that he’s on your side.

Designed and sculpted from in-game assets, the Raven Premium Action Figure stands approximately 11” tall with 5 points of articulation, and features premium detailing and authentic paintwork. Raven also comes with a Fortnite branded display base and a Legendary Scar Assault Rifle, and is showcased in a premium glossy Fortnite themed window box.

Stand triumphant with Raven in your Fortnite collection.

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